This is the Kingdom in where your adventure begins. Galavar is a small kingdom and a tight knit community. It is a community based on religion, duty, and honor. For years, the kingdom of Galavar has stood proud, ready to protect itself and its proud heritage. Galavar is a land of duty. Since its foundation over 1,000 years ago, Galavar has continued to watch over the Gate of the Ancients as its founding fathers intended. Though much of its knowledge has been lost over the centuries, Galavar still remains vigiliant in protecting this sacred relic of its past. Now with the threat of war on the horizon, Galavar is preparing for invasion. As mysterious events draw closer to town, many fear the worst, praying for a light in the darkness.

Geography- Galavar is located on the southwestern coast of Kane. The city of Galavar is rather small, with most of its size acounting for rural areas and farmland. Being far away from many centers of civilization in Kane, Galavar has a relatively small population. Galavar is bordered by the River Rythin to the east and south, the Caesin Mountains to the north, and the Pathagron Sea to the west.

Government- The kingdom of Galavar has been ruled for years by the good king Altiair, his supervisor Nova, and his general Varos. Despite its small population, Galavar keeps a rather sizable militia and invests heavily in its defense and the defense of the nearby ruins of the Gate of the Ancients. The government of Galavar has always kept order and peace throughout the land, but now the promise of security is fading. With the threat of invasion drawing closer, the good king Altiair has been put under terrible stress to relive the community of the thought of war. Now with an sizable militia and a small group of knights, the king desperately hopes that they will be enough to protect the kingdom from the hordes of darkness.

History- The Kingdom of Galavar was believed to be founded shortly after the creation of the Gate of the Ancients. Although most knowledge regarding the formation of Galavar has been lost to the ravages of time, scholars believe that Galavar was formed as a means of defense for the Gates. Although no attack has ever been made on the Gates, Galavar still maintains a watchful eye over the relic. At the high of its reign, Galavar reached a size over double its current size, and had a population comparable to present day Sorez. Though never one of the most powerful nations, Galavar has earned a reputation as one of the most stable. Over its twenty generations of rulership, not even once has the threat of revolt or war occured. Desptie the lack of conflict, Galavar has always employed the use of its elite knights. The royalty of Galavar, throughout the generations, have trained certain individuals as the elite guard of Galavar. These individuals are now trained under general Varos. Galavar is a kingdom of time-honored tradition. Having existed for so long, certain practices have become almost law in society. At the center of these practices is the church of Pelor, the sun god.

Religion- The shining light of Pelor is the main path of religion for most of Galavar. The cathedral in the northwest corner of town is the main faction of the church in the small kingdom of Galavar. Gatherings take place weekly at mid-day, when the light of the sun is at its peak. This practice is nearly law, and almost every citizen attends the service, including the king himself. The church provides healing for sick and often takes in those less fortunate. Religion plays a prominent part in the governmental processes of Galavar, but the religion is so widespread and accepted that no-one protests its position in society.


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