Character Slots

Since not everyone has an amazing imagination, i’ve designed some character “slots”, which are essentially role-playing hooks that will help you character mesh with the storyline of the campaign! These should (hopefully!) enhance the overall storyline of the campaign and help create better role-playing. These will not prevent you from playing whatever class/race you chose. You are not limited to these character slots, and you are free to create your own, as allways. Just make sure to comment on the forums though. Anyways, here are some character slots that i’ve been working on. If you find one you like, just ask for it on the forums and you shall recieve! Any slots left unclaimed with turn into appropiate NPC’s (or not). Good luck on your characters!

Character Slots:

Mr. Amnesia: A mysterious man washes up on shore, wounded badly, haunted by fleeting and painful memories of his past. (Greg has claimed this slot, hazah!).

Veteran: This man is a veteran of many wars, and nows spends his days telling his tales at the local bar he now calls home. He longs for a chance to relive his glory days. (Justin has claimed this slot, hazah!).

One of King Altiair’s knights: this man longs for a chance to prove his skills in battle. (Unclaimed!).

General Varos’s son: highly trained in the art of war and eager to fight, but his father refuses to let him do so. (Unclaimed!).

Lost soul. His prievous life shattered and broken, he has wandered into Galavar by accident. Now, he seeks to find purpose in a meaningless existance. (Unclaimed!).

Descendant of King Altiair: Distantly related to the ruling bloodline of King Altiair. Dreams of grandeur often run through his mind, as does the distant powers of the Ancients within his noble bloodline. (Unclaimed!).

Dark Dealings: In his past, this man has done things. Dark, terrible, evil things. Wherever he goes, his darkness seems to follow, bringing doom and destruction with it. Can he overcome his past, or will he be consumed by his own corruption? Only you can decide. (Unclaimed!)

Prophet: Vistions of the past, future, and present haunt his dreams. The visions present of terrifing truth of what has, what is, and what will happen. Can he make sense of these madding images and percieve the meaning behind them? Could some clue, some hidden meaning be hidden behind the dreams? Sometimes it is best to be blind…sometimes there are things not meant to be seen…sometimes it is best not to see your fate…and sometimes, there is no escape, no way of preventing the future. And you, you must stand and watch the horrors unfold. Can you change the future, or will you stand by and watch? (Dustin has claimed this slot, hazah!)

...More coming soon! Any ideas? Then post ‘em on the comments section!

Character Slots

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