The World of Athain:

Welcome to Athain, one of the many worlds on the material plane. Adventures and riches await those who enter. There is only one problem. Athain is no ordinary world. From the Endless Wars of Valrog, to the mysteries of the Dragonshard Isles, Athain has whatever you could want.

All you need to do is survive.

Assassins lurk in the shadows. Kings wage war and entire kingdoms are overthrown. Ancient evils begin to awake. Gods are slain. From the hordes of undead, to the might of dragons, to the riddles of the Ancients, Athain tests both body and mind. For those who fail, Death waits in its veil of shadows. For those who succed, endless riches and power await. Do you have the will, the strength, and the skill to overcome the challenges that await you?

- The Races of Athain

- The Regions of Athain: – KaneValrogSovelissNailoThorosDragonshard Isles


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