Lords Of Darkness:

Welcome to my campaign, Lords of Darkness! What starts out as a normal adventure turns into a race against time to stop the wheels of armageddon from turning! Darkness is spreading across the land. Ancient Evils are begining to awake. Death waits in its veil of shadows. Can you stop the Apocalypse? The world as we know it is coming to an end…

These adventures take place in the world of Athain, after roughly ten centuries of peace. Your adventure begins in the state of Galavar. Dark creatures are slalking the borders of the forests. Rumors of war and invasion on the horizon are spreading, and the nearby kingdom of Aramil has gone silent. Something big is about to happen…

Be ready for the first adventure in the Lords of Darkness campaign! First adventure starting THIS WEEKEND, April 18-19! Make sure to have your character posted on the website by then so I can verify it! Remember, I want some semblance to the four basic character types – Cleric, Fighter, Rogue, and Wizard, so everyone make sure to post your character on the comments section. That way, we can start getting over the dreaded hill known as character creation!

Anyways, start thinking about role-playing as well. The better you role-play and the more believable your character, the more rewards you’ll find coming your way. Besides playing your personality, deciding and playing off your alignment will prove to provide its own rewards…Good, Evil, Law, Chaos, will all have special items for those willing to prove their devotion. Neutrality will provide its own reward as well.

Hey you guys! Here are the Character Slots you’ve been asking for!

Hey everyone! As a gift from me, i’ve designed a new section called Just For Fun. This wiki page will be a section for all the funstuffs that we’ll encounter through our adventures in D&D. Make sure to check this section after every adventure for new stories, pics, and other stuff for your enjoyment. The first article is already up, so go ahead and fire up that LOLcannon of yours!

(Freewebs website coming soon with maps, forums, character diaries, and more!)

Lords of Darkness

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